I’m from Richmond, Ca but now residing in Atlanta, Ga. I’ve always had an interest for the entertainment industry. Modeling, Acting, Music, Fashion and overall entertainment has always been my passion. Being the 3rd oldest of 10 sisters and brothers, and the only plus one in the family, I have always been driven to be a creative indie. With my mother being a former rapper, songwriting has always came natural to me. I started writing music and poetry at age 12. At age 14 I did my first professional photo shoot and feel in love with the camera. After that I experienced some insecurities and just focused on my writing. Writing was a great outlet for me to express how I feel and before I knew it my poetry was turning into music.

Then at age 23 I feel in love with my curves and got back into modeling as a EXTRA BEAUTY model.  To be able to create and inspire an image, to be yourself, love who you are and in the skin you’re in, for young ladies out there has always been what I’ve wanted to do. Me being an “EXTRA BEAUTY” model is what pushes me to work extremely hard and never give up despite others not believing in me. A photo can tell a lot about an individual and when young ladies who may have insecurities and be an “EXTRA BEAUTY” girl looks at mines I want them to say that they can do it too!! My goals are to learn, live, apply, and inspire others who feel that they can not do it due to the negativity they have endured in life. My passion as well is change and to open all doors to “EXTRA BEAUTY” models or as some would say plus models.

The term is no longer plus …. Unless your adding me to the shoot!!